Open the gates of information

Imagine Government 2.0. Wisdom no longer flows from officialdom to the population, but is co-created with citizens. Civil servants contribute openly to Facebook groups on controversies of the day. Government websites have wiki areas where people can exchange tips about filing tax returns or claiming benefits. Databases of restaurant inspections, tide tables and postcodes are available for all to see and re-use in mashups of geography, time or events. Before launching a new online public service, the government checks to see whether a user community is already doing it better. In short, government learns to let go of the web.


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    Το σενάριο της συνδιαμόρφωσης (να το δούμε βέβαια πρώτα) είναι η καλή εκδοχή. Η κακή εκδοχή είναι ότι το ίντερνετ θα γεμίσει undercover e-γενίτσαρους των εκάστοτε κυβερνήσεων και των κομμάτων.

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