Thinking is so over (Times)

Με θέμα το social media-σκεπτικισμό του k. Andrew Keen. Κόντρα-σκεπτικισμός από τον Dan Gillmor εδώ.


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    Keen could not be more right! It seems that we're indeed heading towards the gigantic "forest of mediocrity". (It's visible to the bare eye!) The devaluation, or as others put it "the thinning out" of knowledge, + the vulgarisation of artistic creation are some of the most alarming side-effects of the spread of the internet.Not the first time though: we got a taste of all this during the 90's and 00's with the unprecedented increase of published books. Well... Phil Agre has been saying it all along: the internet merely amplifies the forces that shape our off-line world.

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    Elitist poppycock, methinks

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    ..και γεμάτο ανακρίβειες, όπως η ατάκα για την πειρατεία. Ο Gillmor γράφει, "Of my own work, Keen writes that I say the news should be a “conversation among ordinary citizens…” Actually, as even a modest amount of reporting would have revealed, I say it should be a conversation that includes the professionals and the citizens, as well as the newsmakers"

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