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2013 Internet Trends

"Looking ahead, the report finds early signs of growth for wearable computing devices, like glasses, connected wrist bands and watches – and the emergence of connected cars, drones and other new plat συνέχεια..

Patented Book Writing System Creates, Sells Hundreds Of Thousands Of Books On Amazon | Singularity

Philip M. Parker, Professor of Marketing at INSEAD Business School, has had a side project for over 10 years. He’s created a computer system that can write books about specific subjects in about 20 m συνέχεια..

Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture | Vanity Fair

Eichenwald’s conversations reveal that a management system known as “stack ranking”—a program that forces every unit to declare a certain percentage of employees as top performers, good performers, a συνέχεια..

Hitler Learns the Tevatron Has Been Shut Down - YouTube

Η γνωστή σκηνή με τον Χίτλερ τώρα που περιμένουμε να δουμε τι θα γίνει με το Χίγκς την Τετάρτη. Αρκετά γκίκυ έχει απ'όλα. συνέχεια..

Kemal Dervis: Sea, ships and solar can get Greece growing

Από προηγούμενο buzz του Auslaender. Κάνετε google τον τίτλο για να περάσετε το paywall. συνέχεια..

Greece after the crisis

A spectacular archipelago, in a wonderful climate, that’s part of Europe should offer many opportunities once Greece is no longer being crucified on a cross of euros.

Σημείωση: Το κείμενο του Derv συνέχεια..

Radicals, Imbeciles & FBI Stooges: From Jerry Rubin To Rich Fink, We’ve Reached Rock-Bottom, Baby!

About 40 pages into the 6,600 pages of files targeting all the dozens and dozens of radical revolutionary groups—from the Yippies to the Black Panthers to the SDS, Progressive Labor, the “Crazies,” W συνέχεια..